In Love and Warcraft – by Madhuri Shekar

Headset, laptop, sword

What A Nice Production were delighted to present the London professional premiere of In Love And Warcraft at Theatre N16 in November 2016.

The award-winning romantic comedy by Madhuri Shekar tells a story of love and friendship in the 21st Century and shows how, sometimes, you have to lose yourself online to find yourself offline.

Evie has it all figured out. She’s a college senior who wants a sex-free life and plenty of time to retreat into the comfort of her laptop. Not only does she command a top-ranked guild in Warcraft with her online boyfriend, she also makes cash on the side writing love letters for people who’ve screwed up their relationships. After all, love is like Warcraft; it’s all about strategies, game plans, and not taking stupid risks. Right?

Well that’s what she thinks… until a guy comes along. In Real Life. Suddenly no amount of gaming expertise or advice from best friend Kitty will help her out when she finds herself with a non-virtual, totally real boyfriend, who wants more from her than she’s willing to give.

As Evie prepares for the battle of a lifetime her two worlds finally collide. With hilarious and unexpected consequences, this is a play for anyone who understands (or wants to) what it’s really like to grow up online.

In Love And Warcraft contains adult themes and so parental discretion is encouraged for under 16s.

It played from: 6-10th/13-17th November 2016. Praise for the production includes: 


“A sharp and funny take on love in the gaming age”

“A fun, sassy 80 minutes full of energy and laughs”

“The writing is sharp and funny and reminiscent of the smart humour of Millennial sitcoms like Big Bang Theory and New Girl”

“Direction from David Thackeray is tight and imaginative”

(London Pub Theatres)


“The cast and production is brilliant”

“The standout performance by Charlotte Nice as Evie being both beautiful and layered”

(London Theatres 1)

“A charming and engaging evening at the theatre”

(View From The Cheap Seat)

“The cast does a wonderful job of delivering the snappy dialogues and also transmitting the deep-seated anxiety that characterises every interaction”

“Thoroughly enjoyable and well acted”

(The Upcoming)